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Posted: Feb 22, 2010

.Net Developer
Minimum of 3 years hands on experience creating web applications using Microsoft .NET technologies to develop n-tier solutions. Experience with reporting tools in a relational data base environment. Demonstrated experience working with relational databases – Oracle or SQL Server. Demonstrated understanding relational data base design, transact-SQL stored procedures, configuration management, application integration, component reuse, prototyping, use cases, service-oriented architecture, n-tier architecture, and web services. Please send your resume to Mr. SN Prasad at prasads@pandacs.com

Posted: January 15, 2010

Design and implement Unit test for multimedia server using Unit, C, C++ adn C#. White box test design and program for MPEG2, WMA9 and FRC2250 software codec and perform test plan for system verification. Administration and monitoring of MOM alter system for 100+ servers for bug tracking, verification and discovery. Req. Bachelors in related field and two years experience.  Please send your resume to Mr. SN Prasad at prasads@pandacs.com. Job site Mountain View, CA.  Interview: San Jose, CA.   

Posted: October 10, 2009

Project Manager
5+ years project management with demonstrated expertise.Successful international partnership on global teams; awareness of cross-cultural differences. Success managing technology development projects (including web, database). Database management; FileMaker development skills a plus. Preferred: experience in understanding of a range of Human Resources disciplines. Please send your resume to Mr. SN Prasad at prasads@pandacs.com.Job site:San Jose, CA. Interview: San Jose, CA.

Posted: July 2, 2009

QA Engineer
Ability to configure systems, re-installation, windows maintenance, network configuration, debugging, monitoring of systems resources as needed. •Strong interpersonal communication skills with an ability to build relationships and work across multi-functional organizations.5+ years of work experience as a SQA engineer. C++, SQL, JAVA, Python and Perl, experience preferred. Mercury QTP and TestDirector experience is highly preferred. Working knowledge of software development life-cycle is a must. Prior experience in working with Integration and deployment of enterprise applications.Understanding of databases, web applications, and ERP applications. Please send your resume to Mr. SN Prasad at prasads@pandacs.com

Posted: May 21, 2009

Java Developer
Minimum of 2-3 years of experience in Java / J2EE development. This must include working with JSP/Servlets, JDBC, Struts, Ant, XML/XSL and JUnit. Developing, testing and deploying web applications using Java and Apache Tomcat. Experience applying the above technologies to the development of n-tier, web based applications. Strong knowledge of software design patterns. Experience with testing methodologies. Experience interfacing with Sql Server database using JDBC. Experience in developing stored procedures and functions for SQL Server. Please send your resume to Mr. SN Prasad at prasads@pandacs.com Job site: Cupertino, CA. Interview: San Jose, CA.

Posted: Febuary 2, 2009

Ability to craft and execute effective testing strategies. Ability design and extend test frameworks in Java, Ruby or Groovy. Proficient with Unix/Linux, and a plethora of open source technologies.Ability to understand and test sophisticated text and data mining algorithms . Comfortable working in a highly distributed environment on many racks of physical machines and in the cloud.Communicate effectively with your peers Understanding of and enthusiasm for start-up scale development environments.Experience with agile/iterative development methodologies. Please send your resume to Mr. SN Prasad at prasads@pandacs.com.Job site: Redmond, WA.Interview: San Jose, CA.

Posted: December 13, 2008

Senior Web Designer
BS in CS (or equivalent) and 5-7 years of hands-on software design and development experience. Keen ability to understand end user experience and business needs.Extensive experience with Web Technologies (HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSL). Extensive experience with Photoshop and/or Illustrator.Strong hands-on skills in - ASP.Net, C#/VB.Net, AJAX, and MSSQL (to a lesser extent). Data analysis and reporting experience a big plus. Excellent oral and written communications skills. Experience in a highavailability and missioncritical environment. Strongly prefer candidates who have internet and/or startup company experience. Experience with leading and/or mentoring team members highly desired. Please send your resume to Mr. SN Prasad at prasads@pandacs.com.Job site: Mountain View, CA.Interview: San Jose, CA.

Posted: October 20 2008

Computer System Analyst
Work under the close supervision of the Project Manager to analyze engineering , business and data processing problems for application to electronic data processing system; database design and system specifications for developers to write code in C#; draw use case diagram and class diagram for system analysis; manage SQA technology, extreme programming (XP),Scrum, Test-Driven Development, Web Service and project management to provide the enterprise solutions for clients so as to let systems go live and working in full SDLC projects; database design of SQL Server or Oracle database; debug and rewrite the code modules in C# and know how to verify the accuracy of system testing and parallel runs. Knowledge of Microsoft Visio and SQL Server and Windows Rights Management required. Requires a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, and Management Information Systems or related. Please send your resume to Mr. SN Prasad at prasads@pandacs.com

Posted: July 25 2008

Responsible for analysis, design, programming, debugging and modification of local, network or internet-related computer programs for commercial or end user applications such as materials management, financial management, HRIS or desktop application products. Write code, complete programming and perform testing and bebugging of applications using current programming language and technologies. Complete documentation and procedures for installation and maintenance. Inteface with users to define system requirements and/or necessary modifications.
Requires Bachelors degree in related field and 2 years experience.  Job site:  Redmond WA. Interview: San Jose, CA.   Resume to prasads@pandacs.com

Posted: April 14 2008

Location: Redmond, Washington State


Minimum Qualifications: Bachelors degree in a related field and prior related experience.

  • Design and develop business applications systems, system testing and parallel runs to verify accuracy of the new system.
  • User training in the use of the new system, customer training and product support. Conduct performance analysis and testing in a multi-user environment.
  • Create web pages and on-line database systems using Visual C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server.
  • Write technical reports on the systems, user manuals for the software developed for end users and proposal for future system expansion and improvements.
  • Communicate system capabilities with end users and users of the software systems.
  • Provide on-site support to clients on various issues including, but not limited to, testing, debugging and rewritng of code modules.

Posted: March 11 2008

Location: San Jose, CA


Minimum Qualification: Bachelors degree in related field and prior related experience

  • Design and develop testing tools and framenworks,
  • Perform repeatable testing procedure and processes.
  • Implement new Core API requirements using C# in the existing framework.
  • Drive automation developers to fix automation problems and bugs.
  • Diagnose problem with test cases, provide detailed reports.
  • Write remotable code to automate installs in remote machines.
  • Interpret and modify code as needed with at least one .net programming language in C# and one scripted language.
  • Perform bug fixes of Core API of existing test framework.

Why Work for Us?

Panda sports a very informal and open culture with several opportunities for employee activities after office hours and week ends aimed at forming lifelong bonding between employees going beyond the employment tenure in this company. Former employees often join in the fun - and a member of the Panda family firmly remains a lifelong member of the family.



Please send us an e-mail including the following to jobs@pandacs.com

  1. The position you are applying for (in the SUBJECT: line)
  2. The attached RÉSUMÉ
  3. Contact information

We thank you for your interest in Panda Computer Services.



Panda Computer Services has an active employee referral programs. Our company will pay $500 for employee referrals of candidates who are subsequently accepted for employment with our company. We will pay $1,000 for referral candidates who are subsequently accepted for positions posted on our website.

Job Openings

Currently we are looking for Systems Analysts, Programmers, Programmer Analysts and Developers in the following areas:

  • Visual C++
  • C++
  • C
  • Java
  • EJB, Servlets , JSP
  • COM
  • DCOM
  • Networking
  • OLE
  • Visual Basic
  • VB-Script
  • Visual Test
  • Oracle
  • SQL-Server
  • Active-X
  • HTML
  • Localization involving Far East Languages( 2 Byte Character Set )
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT
  • Operating Systems
  • Compilers
  • Network Management
  • ODBC
  • Embedded Systems -  VxWorks , RTOS, pSOS , networking, WAP, Bluetooth, ATM, Frame Relays, Routers and device drivers

Who are our Clients?

Our clients are Bay Area   Start -Ups as well as the largest software company in the world (Microsoft).
Professionals with RDBMS internals are always welcome. All Client contract openings require relocation to the vicinity of our clients.

Current Job Openings:

      Any persons desiring to apply for this position should make their application with this company as follows:

   Panda Computers Services,Inc
   3940 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara, CA 95054


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