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In 1993 Panda Consulting Services, Inc was incorporated in Singapore. For over five years the company has specialized in designing microprocessor based and subsequently PC based test equipment serving the electronic manufacturing services there. Clients in Singapore included companies like Siemens Nixdorf International, Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Olivetti, Western Digital and NMB. Subsequently, the company moved on to software development for clients as well design of software packages. In 1994 the company began offering IT consulting and placement services to clients in Singapore.

In 1995, the company established its first US site in Beverly Hills, California. In 1998, the company relocated to Silicon Valley where satellite sites were developed in Seattle WA, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Panda Consulting Services Inc, continues to experience rapid growth through its sites as well as development of new business.

In 2005, we conceived of a product idea and named it EDUSPOT. This product has been in development for more than 4 years and now (Spring of 2010) it is already being used at client sites. PCS has funded this development throughout these years. Details of the product can be found at www.eduspotinc.com

Our Goals and Strategy

The successful initial growth of our company in the IT Placement area is a foundation for future effort in product development. We have chosen not to grow beyond a certain level in IT placement or project oriented software development work. The reason is that we would like to focus on product development alone using the IT placement work to provide funding and economic foundation - all directed to the product development work in the area of application engineering and productivity enhancement

Our core strategy in IT placement is to provide a career home for our employees that would provide them with a greater choice of interesting work or assignments than direct employment with an end client would provide. Our own financial strength would, in addition, provide them the same level of security they would find with end clients. Also, we aim to provide a very lively and enlightened company culture that aims to get our employees to treasure their association with our company.

Canadian Citizens on TN visa are exclusively used as System Analysts undertaking the System Analysis component of all our functions and are not involved in coding and testing.


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